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This paragraph is used to calculate derived results. The expressions are based on OGNL. For more information please read the chapter 'Advanced Users'  Further Transactions in the user manual.



Paragraph id

Identifier, to reference the answers to this element


Mapping of the form elements to the data to be processed.


Code to be evaluated during the transaction.

Visibility Condition

This question group will be visible only if the given expression evaluates to true.

Style Class

Additional style class for this element.

Reading Limited To Groups

If set, this paragraph is only visible for members of the selected groups. If not defined, this paragraph is always visible.

Content source

Reference to a shared module. The content of this element overrides the one of the shared module.


Comments concerning this element. This information is only visible for other editors. It will not appear on the generated pages.

Speacial Characteristics

Adressing the Results

After completion of the analysi the data is saved in a structured manner. The following applies:


 result-object of the calculation


The results of a transaction are not saved in  Resultaten für Auswertungen

Paragraph can be inserted in

Possible Representation Forms

not visible

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