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Forms that are stored in a template folder in oder to be reused later are referred to as templates. 

As soon as the standards of different forms are similar in terms of their structure, it can be useful to develop a template of their general structure and use it for each variation of the form.


Creating Template Folders

  • Create a new document in the template folder . in the language version of the corresponding site.
  • The folder serves as a hierachically higher document in which the actual templates can be created.
  • The template folder has to be released.
  • The correct use of templates is described in the chapter  using tamplates .

Creating a Template Document

  • Once a template folder has been drawn up, there are two different ways of adding subdocuments
    • Document Template This type of template includes an entire form including the page structure.
    • Module (also see using modules) This type of template is a compilation of text boxes and other contents of a question group.
  • The created document must be released.

Inserting Content into a Document Template

  • Only a sample 'form path' can be inserted into the prepared document template .
  • First, a duplicate of the sample path is created, after which it is moved to the document template.

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