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To generate personalized PDFs with the data from a form tab openforms 5 must have access to a software like for example PDFLib. This system prerequisite is provided by the administrator. Furthermore the following points are required in order to generate PDFS:


  • Acrobat Pro (to draw up PDF patterns) Caution: Please pay attention to the versioning of PDFLib and Acrobat 

  • PDFLibblock Plugin (PlugIn for Acrobat PRO; allows the insertion of LibBlocks into the PDGF document) CAUTION: The Plugin Version must be compatible with the server’s PDFLib version.
  • Installing Fonts CAUTIONThe same font used to generate the PDF template must be installed on the server.
  • PDF Template with LibBlocks as a media, created and published in openforms

  • Formlocation with a transaction page and a set paragraph ID (see e.g. textfield)
  •  Result PDF -Transaction on the transaction page.

Creating PDF templates

  • A PDF document is generated according to a form, in order to create free space to be filled by LibBlocks
  • To draw up a PDF LibBlocks one must first activate the LibBlock plugin
  • To create a new block, drag a square to the desired position within the PDF document
  • To link the block to an ancor or to the paragraph-ID of an area the PDFLib block properties must be set (see following chapter)





PDF-LIBBlock Eigenschaften

  • A window in which the LibBlock can be configured will open. The font and alignment can be configured here.
  • To have the LibBlock filled by openforms one can either use the paragraph-ID as a blockname (here: SMS) or formulate it in ‘conditioning and dynamic contentcs (OGNL)
  • Regarding the configuration of costumized properties see the following chapter


Benutzerdefinierte Eigenschaft

  • For the costumized filling of a block, klich ‘new’. A window will open in which you will first have to put in as the ‘property name’
  • Any kind of  condition / dynamization (OGNL) may be put into the box ‘property value'.
  • For each value which is to be inserted into the PDF, a new block is created and placed in the PDF document.







Anlegen der Ergebnis-PDF-Transaktion

  • The finished PDF template will be added in openforms as ‘media’ and published.  
  • Hereafter you will need to go to the results column of the transaction page and create a new paragraph: ‘Results PDF’
  • By clicking on ‘pattern: set’ the wizard will open for the selction of a medium
  • After navigating to the corresponding document, the document can be  included and used as a pattern by clicking ‘set medium’


Generated PDF

  • After the PDF has been generated it will be shown as a download.
  • The entered data will be written into the PDF document