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The following keyboard shortcuts are active:


ESCCloses the current modal dialogue. Entries are deleted.
ALT-eSwitches to the mode edit content.
ALT-tSwitches to the mode page structure.
ALT-vSwitches to the mode preview.
ALT-dSwitches to the dashboard.
ALT-iShow higher document in document hierarchy.
ALT-jShow the following document in the navigation order.
ALT-kShow the previous document in the navigation order.
ALT-sSave changes.



  • The ALT-shortcuts are not active in the modal dialogue
  • when using macOS CTRL-ALT instead of ALT

Operating Advice

If you are in preview mode of a form page and want to edit a certain paragraph, it is possible to reach the edit mode for the desired element by pressing ALT and clicking on the selected element. 

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