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The preview allows the viewing of pages within openforms. The corresponding page will be displayed with all of its functions. In contrast to the ‘testing of pages’ you will not have to leave openforms to use this function. This grants the advantage of being able to switch quickly between the editor and the preview. Furthermore it allows the quick navigation within the page structure using the arrow keys. While the form is being processed (Status "in progress") the editors can view their results in preview mode. The configured paragraphs are displayed in the corresponding stylesheet


At the very top, as mentioned, you will find the menu which will allow you to switch between the different modes.

2Navigation within the tabBy using the options bookmark and last viewed in the dropdown menu, you can quickly move to the most important pages. To the right both the location and name of the selected page will be displayed. At the far right edge of the screen you will find the arrow keys which allow you to navigate within the structure.
3PreviewDisplay of the page including all its functions.

COOMENT!: If you are currently in preview mode and wish to edit a paragraph, pressing ALT and clicking the selected element will enable you to go directly to the editing mode in the desired location.

Test Page

As soon as a document has been given the status ‘completed’ and a preview authority (???) is present , the dropdown ‘test page’ will appear between the top navigation between ‘preview’ and the button ‘dismiss’.

You can either click on the link or the link can be copied to the clipboard by using the ‘copy’ button. The latter option can be made use of when the link is to be tested in a different browser.

The preview link shows versions with the status ‘in preview’, while the live-link will only appear when there is a version of the document that is ‘in production’.

In contrast to the preview mode the link can be tested in the same manner in which it will run in during the live-process, i.e. including calling the interface or leading out e-mails.  


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