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The template wizard allows you to draw up new documents or document structures from templates. The template wizard consists of three separate steps, which will be further elaborated in the following section. For more about drawing up a pattern see Drawing Up Templates

Step One: Selecting the Template

1Progress BarHighlights the step that you are currently working on
2Site/LanguageSelection of the area in which a new site is to be created. Only the areas the editor is allowed access to and which contain unblocked templates will be shown. This section will not be shown when the wizard is opened through the edit structure.
3Template OverviewList of the templates in step 2 (Site/Language)

Step Two: Selecting a location for the new site

4Selected TemplateDisplay of the selected pattern (see step 7).
5Selection of LocationQuick selection via bookmark, history or search. 

The destination for the corresponding pattern is highlighted by a blue line.

Step Three: Assign new document name and create document from template:

7Selected TemplateDisplay of selected template
8Document TitleA new name is required for the inserted template. It will be entered in the third and last step.
9Create Document

With this the new document will be created. Its status will then be changed to ‘in progress.’


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