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The text block allows displaying text on a form page. Text can be written directly within the block or texts from the media folder can be referenced.




Reference to a media to be displayed.


Main headline of this page


The text may be formatted with the openforms Wiki-Systax. Additonally, text between two '%%' marks will be evaluated.


Reference to a document or an external web page.

Visibility Condition

This question group will be visible only if the given expression evaluates to true.

Is Error Message

If selected, this text block acts a an error message. The form may not be submitted if the condition evaluates to true.


Reference to a larger support text.

Paragraph id

Identifier, to reference the answers to this element

JavaScript Interface

Javascript to be attached to this paragraph.

JavaScript Properties

API of the attached Javascript.

Style Class

Additional style class for this element.

Reading Limited To Groups

If set, this paragraph is only visible for members of the selected groups. If not defined, this paragraph is always visible.

Content source

Reference to a shared module. The content of this element overrides the content of the shared module.


Comments concerning this element. This information is only visible for other editors. It will not appear on the generated pages.

Possible Representation Forms

  • Text block
  • Text block: Panel
  • Text block: Data aggregation
  • Textblock: Printable data aggregation
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