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In a typical form, all input data is shown to the user on a summary page. The data aggregation automatically summarizes all input data.

There are two variations to create a summary from the data in the form.

  • Manual Data Summary

  • Automatic Data Summary 

Automatic Summary

A new paragraph named Textblock: Data Summary is created in the area Summaries on a transaction page. .




Main headline of this page


The text may be formatted with the openforms Wiki-Systax. Additonally, text between two '%%' marks will be evaluated.


Reference to a document or an external web page.

Visibility Condition

This question group will be visible only if the given expression evaluates to be true.


Reference to a larger help text.

JavaScript Interface

Javascript to be attached to this paragraph.

JavaScript Properties

API of the attached Javascript.

Style Class

Additional style class for this element.

Reading Limited To Groups

If set, this paragraph is only visible for members of the selected groups. If not defined, this paragraph is always visible.

Content source

Reference to a shared module. The content of this element overrides the content of the shared module.


Comments concerning this element. This information is only visible for other editors. It will not appear on the generated pages.

Die Darstellung der automatischen Zusammenfassung ist vom verwendeten Stylesheet (siehe auch Noch nicht ÜbersetztEinbetten von Stylesheets) abhängig.

Manual Data Summaty

Generally a text block, into which data can be inserted via a definition list by means of OGNL expression, can be added to any desired page. (see also conditioning and dynamic contents) können.

Definition List

Es ist möglich bei einer manuellen Zusammenfassung das jeweilige label (question)



The aspect of the definition list is dependent upon the selected style sheet (also see Embedding Style Sheets)



René Bock Wenn ich einen (externen) Verweis in der automatischen Datenzusammenfassung setze passiert gar nichts

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