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The Menu of user settings can be opened by clicking the user name.In the menu there is a record of each editor which includes their user name, first- and surname, e-mail address, a password as well as their preferred language. All data except for the user name can be changed here. The language selection refers to the localization of the editor’s platform. At this time the languages German and English are available.

1User Name The user name, which is required in order to sign in. It may not be changed.
2SurnameThe surname
3Given nameThe first name
4E-MailThe editor's e-mail address


Language Selection German/English
6Edit Mode

The mode ‚simple’ cuts out all sections that refer to more complex applications. The mode ‚advanced‘ offers all of the configuration options within the paragraphs.

See Edit Mode
7New Password

The editor can change his password here. It should consist of more than 10 signs and include letters, numbers as well as special characters.

Consecutive or similar sequences (e.g. 123456,qwert, sssss) should be avoided


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