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Each document has a menu for the administration of versions, rights as well as the document properties. This page will be concentrating on versions.

Each document in openforms has a status. Depending on the status a document can be edited, tested or retrieved 'live'.

The status can be changed through the selection in the according dropdown menu (see image to the right).

The status 'archived' somewhat has a special position. Due to the revision security, versions that have once been live cannot be deleted but only archived. Archived versions can no longer be edited.

COMMENT: Depending on the software package the four eyes principle is also available. In this case the status 'in preview' can only be changed to the status 'in production' by another person. The release can be requested from a user of the according user group. 

Document status:

  • in progress           

(IContents can be edited. The form can only be viewed in view mode.) 

Document status:

  • in preview               

(Contents can still be corrected, the form can be tested in preview mode)

Document status:

  • in production 

(Contents are blocked. The form can be viewed from the preview server as well as 'live'.)


Different versions of a document can be compiled. This function is ususally used if changes are made to only one page of a document or a certain variation of the form is only used for a restricted period of time (e.g. Christmas).

The screenshot to the right shows three different versions of the same page as an example. By regarding the status, we can determine that version 1 is currently live, while version 2 is in preview, but not live. Version 3 on the other hand is still being developed.

In the subordinate version properties it is possible to define active periods so different versions can complement each other perfectly.
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